5 Gym Chains that Are Worth Your Money

New York City has many incredible jogging routes. But let’s face it. Running along the East River is the last thing you want to do when it’s 15 degrees outside. Luckily, NYC has around 243 fitness centers where you can workout in comfort. Don’t know which one to join? Here are 5 best gym chains in NYC that offer variety, convenience, and sometimes even a little bit of luxury without breaking the bank (at least not too badly).


1) Blink

Blink is a popular choice for young New Yorkers because it’s very affordable, has quite a few locations, and generally has everything one needs to get their sweat on. Their motto is that they put mood above muscle, such that everyone should feel welcome and unintimidated by the huge sweaty gorilla loudly grunting as he bench presses 1000lbs. This gym has a nice atmosphere and all of the cardio and weight equipment anyone would need. Like New York Sports Club, prices vary by location, but for only $25/mo you can use all of their facilities AND the perks of a 15% discount at Modell’s and $25 off of a Citi Bike plan. All of this makes it one of the best gym chains in New York City.
Pros – Cheap gym with lots of locations and they’ve got all the basics covered.

Cons – If you’re looking for more variety in the kinds of workouts you can do, you’ll feel limited as they do not offer any group classes. No spin, yoga, zumba, or anything. You’re on your own.

2) New York Sports Club

With about 50 locations around all 5 boroughs you can’t get far without seeing a New York Sports Clubs. One of the best gym chains with everything you need. They have group classes, like yoga, pilates, spinning, and zumba. The free weights and machines are plentiful. There is cardio equipment galore. Also, free towel service! Some of these even have pools and saunas. Prices vary based on location, but most offer membership plans ranging from $39.99/mo (but you can only use one location) and $99.99/mo (us any location).
Pros – No frills gym that has everything you need with a touch of luxury.

Cons – a little pricy for those on a tight budget. They tend to charge an annual fee depending on your plan.

3) Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is probably the cheapest gym in NYC and nationwide. They have a number of locations around Manhattan and a few scattered throughout the outer boroughs. Like Blink, Planet Fitness propagates itself as being a “no judgement zone” gym, meaning that it’s a welcoming place for those of us who are just starting out. At just $10/mo you can join your a specific gym and at $19/mo you can use any PF facility at any time. If you want to get used to the gym environment, try out a few cardio machines, and explore some dumbell workouts, then this is one of the best gym chains for you.
Pros – Unbeatable price. I doubt you’ll find anything cheaper in NYC. Equipment is very modern and facilities are clean.

Cons – you are limited to cardio machines, weight machines, and dumbells. This is NOT the gym for anyone who is already past the novice stage of bodybuilding as there are no free-weight barbells. No group classes either.

4) Crunch

Well, I can’t give you too much info about Crunch because whoever is managing their site is F-ing the F up! I’ll have to report back about their rates, but what I can tell you is that this gym has made a name for itself in NYC and has established a pretty good reputation. There are about 15 Crunch locations in NYC which, like most gyms, are concentrated in Manhattan. This gym is definitely worth considering for you Williamsburg and Bushwick folks. They offer nearly every kind of fitness class imaginable and the facilities are modern with all of your standard cardio and weight equipment.
Pros – Best gym as far as variety goes. Depending on the location you go to, you have your pick of many different fitness classes.

Cons – Their web developer (just kidding!). From what I remember, Crunch isn’t cheap and might even be a little more expensive than New York Sports Club, but I’ll update this post as soon as I can get in touch with someone at one of their clubs.

5) Equinox

Sigh…I didn’t really want to list Equinox as it’s one of the least affordable options. Nonetheless, one cannot discuss the best gym chains in NYC without at least giving Equinox an honorable mention. If you can afford to drop between $170 and $290/mo plus a nearly $300 annual fee, then sure, check it out. They have absolutely top of the line facilities and luxury that most multi-facility gyms in NYC lack. In addition, they offer their Tier X Lifestyle Management Program in which you work with professionals who will create a personalized training plan for you based on your wellness objectives. And when I say professionals, I mean PROFESSIONALS. Equinox is known for its high-quality personal trainers. Do you need to drop this kind of cash to get results? Absolutely not. If you’ve got cash to burn is it worth checking out? Yes. Many swear by it.
Pros – Top of the line facilities, luxurious, etc. Highly personalized training program with professional coaches.

Cons – This shit is too expensive, bruh. If you’re just starting out, try something cheaper and then move onto this if you want something more advanced.


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